In a world first, Good Day Sunshine will bring you the first Covid-safe festival format;
The Turntable

Usually reserved for MASSIVE international stadium artists, our new “in-the-round" format will see the event site split into 4 equal areas, each named after a famous surf spot in the south west…

  • Cobblestones
  • The Point
  • WIndmills
  • Injidup
With a revolving stage in the centre, aptly named The Turntable.

Each area will operate as an individual venue, hosting its own entry, exit & amenities resulting in shorter wait times for bars, food & loos, limiting audience interaction while maximising the music festival experience.

Get ready to be a part of history!

Western Australia is leading the world in covid-safe easing of restrictions, and while the rest of the world (and even parts of Australia) are still in lock-down and only enjoying “live" music experiences through their computer screens or car windscreens, we're pleased to present a music festival designed to take place within Phase 4 restrictions.