Kyle Lionhart

On his debut album ‘Too Young’, singer-songwriter Kyle Lionhart practices self-therapy, asking life’s big questions with stunning results. Whether it’s the anthemic lead single ‘Holding On’, the pleading and emotional rawness of ‘Are We Alright’ or the stripped back tenderness of ‘Sorry I’m Gone’, Too Young is the sound of an artist searching for his true self and grappling with his place in the universe.

Written through a turbulent time when Lionhart was asking all the big questions - “What’s it all about? Why are we here? What are we doing it all for?” - Kyle did his searching through song and while he might not have all the answers just yet, the journey has resulted in a breathtaking, life-affirming debut album that hopes to help listeners as much as creating it has helped him.

Across the record’s 12 tracks, Lionhart masterfully balances light and dark, and while the subject matter is often intense and emotionally raw, there is an overarching hopefulness to it all. This is something which encapsulates his attitude towards life perfectly. Every problem is a chance to grow, every challenge is a lesson to learn from. As he sings on ‘We Will Be The Light’, “We’ll keep on growing with every lesson and in the darkness we will be the light.”

And it’s Kyle’s voice that is the undeniable shining star. Whether it’s whiskey-soaked, whispered, soaring, defiant or broken, it is always compelling. It seems in this case, it’s not the eyes that are the window to the soul, but the voice. Too Young announces the arrival of a songwriter who is unafraid to look unflinchingly within himself, turning the challenges of his life into something positive and something that aims to touch others deeply as well.

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