Thelma Plum

Thelma Plum is a Gamilaraay woman, musician and creator. She grew up in Brisbane and spent many of her childhood years on her Grandparents’ farm in Delungra, a small country town in rural New South Wales. Her debut album Better In Blak is a story about culture, heritage, love, and pain. With incredible strength, courage and heartbreaking tenderness, her debut album captures so deftly what it’s like to be a young Aboriginal woman in Australia. Since releasing her 2014 EP Monsters, Thelma has been through a lot. “On this album I speak about how it feels being an Aboriginal woman in this country. When I was younger I wasn’t ready to share this side of me, but I’ve grown a lot in the past few years and that’s changed,” says Thelma. Better In Blak is brutally honest and insightful. For Thelma, one of the most vulnerable moments on the record arrives in the form of ‘Thulumaay Gii’, a song about healing. ‘Thulumaay Gii’ is Thelma’s middle name and translates to ‘Thunder and Heart’ in Kamilaroi, the language of her Gamilaraay people. It feels fitting for one of the country’s brightest songwriters, whose essence is indeed, thunder and heart.

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