Siobhan Cotchin

West Australian alt-country/rock singer-songwriter Siobhan Cotchin catapulted into 2020 and she’s already got 2021 under her spell too. Siobhan quickly became one of Australia’s favourite new artists, winning over hearts with her debut single ‘Tear Myself Apart’ which exploded nationally. It was swiftly followed by four mesmerising tracks ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’, ‘Just The Way It Is’, ‘The Fair-Weather Friend Blues’ and her latest release ‘Highway Song’.

With a writing style that echoes the effortless musing of Lucinda Williams, laced with inspiration drawn from Bob Dylan, Siobhan’s jangly luminous melodies hover over storytelling lyrics as she effortlessly pulls the listener into a world of introspective self-discovery. A world that’s all her own.

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